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Designed by highly skilled expertise within composite engineering, advanced analysis of materials specification and computerized design, weprovide innovative design, cost efficient and high quality products and services to our customer


GFP Tanks

Backed by our successful experiences in the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic System since 1977, Flipper tank offers you the confidence that solutions to your industry’s specific problems of access, safety or storage within reach.

Flipper Tank are made by computerized filament winding process. In the process, by the specific parameters, continuous strand glass of roving is pulled trough the guides and bathed with resin prior guided onto a rotating mandrel in a specific helical and hoop pattern. The winding angle of the fiber and wall thickness are significant to the strength of the completed tank, making Flipper Tank capable of meeting all design requirements at competitive prices.


GFP Pipes

Manufactured with the use of Filament Winding System and contact molding system, our GFP Pipes design can be tailored to be placed aboveground or underground. The design of our pipes are in accordance to international standards namely American National Standard Industrial (ANSI), Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), British Standard (BS), American Standard of Testing Material (ASTM) and DIN. Our GFP Pipes come in a wide range of standard sizes from DN 15 (1/2") to DN 4000 (160"). Butt and wrap joint and socket joint are commonly used for the joints.


GFP Fittings

Our GFP Fittings are made available to complete your piping solutions.


GFP PVC/ CPVC Pipes & Fittings

Some PVC/CPVC pipes require FRP lining on the outer layer to withstand corrosive environment. A combination of PVC/CPVC with FRP not only enhance its corrosion resistance benefits but also its mechanical strength. These PVC/CPVC with FRP combinations are also available for fittings.

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GFP Linings

The purpose of FRP Lining is as a protection to increase the lifetime and strength of steel or concrete structure especially where area or the media which comes into contact is corrosive. For protection against rust and abrasive chemicals, FRP lining is also a good option as it is not only cost efficient but also durable.

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GFP Scrubber, Scrubber Housing & Sump Tank

This scrubber housing is exported to Germany where specific system and technology are installed.

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RTM Products

Our Resin Transfer Molding Products are made using Light Resin Transfer Molding Machine (LRTM). This system allows your FRP products to be smooth and shiny on both sides.

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Transport Tank, Fan Stack for cooling tower, Roof, Grating, Cable Tray, etc.

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